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The World’s #1 Bodybuilding And Fitness Forum.


SEAL+SWCC: Strength


Muscular strength, the ability to produce force during a single contraction, should be developed when preparing for BUD/S and the Physical Screening Test. It is required not only to enhance performance but also to facilitate the overall training process and reduce the risk of injury.




Whether it’s slashing seconds off your Fran time or making the winning shot, thinking about a positive exercise memory can motivate you to exercise more...


Franks Brothers CrossFit


CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program centered upon consistently varied functional movements performed at high intensity. CrossFit has proved that fitness needs of an average person are identical to that of a elite athlete the only difference being intensity (speed & weight) and volume. In all cases, the best results come when training includes functional movement at high intensity and with constant variety.


CrossFit Forging Elite Fitness


We are a "minimalist program"and this is reflected by the functionality and limited number of our exercises and the simplicity of the equipment we use compared to most commercial gyms. An Olympic weight set and a place to do pull-ups and dips is essential to doing CrossFit. Gymnastics rings and parallettes, plyometrics boxes, a Dynamax medicine ball, dumbbells, kettlebells, climbing rope, Concept II Rower, and a glute-ham developer will equip your garage with more than enough to follow the WOD very closely.


US Crossfit: Encinitas, CA.


Welcome to US Crossfit and the SEALFIT Training Center. We are committed to developing Elite Fitness and Forging Mental Toughness in all clients, regardless of their conditioning when they walk in our door. CrossFit is constantly varied, functional training done at high intensity. We use this training because it is extremely effective. It works, if you work. Our program has an endurance and mental toughness training orientation, along with developing broad fitness and athleticism covering strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy. Our sister program, SEALFIT, is conducted at the same facility.




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